Breakdowns & Canvas 

Selfies, one of those, “modern” words which cunjore up news of selfie deaths and packs of random spending more time on taking the perfect selfie than soaking up the atomspers and experience of life. But I don’t think it all bad, I take many a selfie myself, but not for reasons of vanity or selfish self lovin. I take selfies where mirrors leave me confused, where my shadow stirs in me such tides of emotion, I find myself wreck.

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Ok, enough with the byronic, flowered words, simply put; a human nearing thirty with more mental health than slices of bread in a large loath, and we’re talking multigrain and seeded here coz that breads seriously wild;  I find too often an inabilty to recognise the face that stares back. Now there’s no need to worry about possble causes such as dementia or cancer, I’ve had brain scans and apart from the odd socks rave going on in my head, all is well. Selfies then, for me, are a chance to portrait the physical effects and changes caused by my own mental and learning disabilities.

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Selfies, or to be more precise and to give credit where credit is due, cameras in easy to selfie form, give us an opportunity to portrait our ever evolving bodies, a way to mark times of life, be them utter fuck fests or utter fun festivals. Ok, so that last line had more cheese than a cheese specialist. But my point remains. Selfies arnt all bad, and we’ve been taking, or even painting them as long as we’ve had break downs and canvas. Just take the portraits of Vincent Van Gough for one of many examples, a very famous selfie indeed!

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Here are some of my better ones for you to muse other and wonder, fest or festival.

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In the mourning

still awake

shakes a warning

wash your hands, your face


Dry vomit, bloods a forwarning 

mirror reflects hate

eyes that know too much seem boring


Degrade a tremble waste


a realisation comes a dawning

could it be to late

your life thus far starts a zooming

a you slide-show-cased


get up now a bounding

wreck from which you take

solutions change hoping

never again a saddend, maddend face


x Apologises for this vain indulgence of an image x



We are varying atoms of varying vibration and varying form
I am compatible mallow mellow to mellow mallow compatible clouds
Warmth has filled a once cold void
I am two pluses of a magnet hugging getting along not repelling
Melting into the back ground noise instead
I am a warm safe blanket of smiles
No longer the loudest noise
We are miles of life discovered and undiscovered
I am quaking, slowing to gentle pulsing patters
I am the systems outcasted son
You are society’s rebel daughter
We are seedlings of different species in a forest of potential
I am the manic in manic
I am never calm
We are difference amongst blind difference
I am a positive hand holding a negative foot
We are clever dumb
We are sense and nonsense
I am medicated
We are wasted
I am legally high
this poem makes no sense

Copyright D.Rowe 2014


This coat is acceptably warm

come cold hues of winter

hugs like a parent should

acts a barrier when walls are rubble


Wool wraps thorns

prickle warm, prickle bitter

Toast dry, a familiar hood

innocuous from storm, and trouble


This coat is an armor, protects from scorn

against space, against looked and sounded splinter

A method, where therapy could

but failed, leaving a teary puddle


Buttoned tight and warn

wraps comfortable, this figure

This coat is security, when misunderstood

A force field, a bubble


Keeps me safe, keeps me warm


Copy right 2014 D.Rowe

Poem: To Society

To society you look odd
you act strange as if out of place
from our plane and dimension
there are people, strangers mocking you
both to the front and back
I want tell them its not there place
or right to judge
that they don’t know your rhyme or reason
but I don’t
there’s humanic treason taking place before me
and I say nothing
I wonder though if it hurts
if it gets to you as it does to me
or if you even care
I wonder if your lonely and that if you are
if You’d like a friend,  but I don’t
I wish I could help in some way
I question if you even need it
I wish there was some way to smile everything I’m feeling
so you would know
then maybe for five minutes we could sit
and chat, before parting ways
maybe never to return
but I don’t
so to society you look odd
but to me you’re normal
if we never speak, I wish you all the best
that someone’s thinking of you
I hope you find love, understanding and happiness
maybe one day the silent flame in you will rage to fire
and I won’t have to think of parting words
but overall its peace I’d love for You to find
some pride in self,  a little Swagger to your walk
so love and respect dear stranger,  its society that’s odd
Copyright of D.Rowe 2014